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Free Webcam Chat

Webcam chatting is becoming a very popular way for people to communicate. In the past the only way of communicating with people on the internet was either via a webcam, email or a chat website.

Now with the help of Windows Live Messenger (formerly MSN Messenger) and webcams from manufacturers like Logitech you are able to communicate with family and friends via Free Webcam Chat using your computer and internet connection. Below is a step by step guide on using Windows Live Messenger with a webcam.

Step 1

If you haven't got a webcam you can buy one from Our guide was written with the help of a Logitech webcam and it worked perfectly.

Step 2

Once you have your webcam you will need to download and install Windows Live Messenger.

Step 3

After you have installed Windows Live Messenger and opened the program you can start adding contacts that also have Windows Live Messenger installed. You simply need to enter the email address of your contact and Windows Live Messenger will do the rest.

Step 4

You can test that your contact has been added properly by choosing Actions and then Send an Instant Message. Once your contact has replied you are ready to use your webcam

Step 5

Select Video -> Start a Video Call from the Actions menu. Choose your contact and wait till they accept your invitation. Your contact should then see you. Hopefully they also have a webcam and you are able to see them. Enjoy!!


  • You may have a problem if your contact does not have the latest version of the Windows Live Messenger software. Get your contact to upgrade and then try again.
  • It is possible to listen to your contact as well as see them via webcam. You will need additional hardware for this. A microphone and sound card.

We hope you enjoyed this guide written by on free web cam chat.

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